HEX Fire Panel System
Data Analysis & Cloud Storage
Provides real-time fire data analysis for firefighters to use in emergency rescue situations. This data can be stored on a cloud system which insurance companies can access to analyze for further research.
Complete Life and Fire Safety System
HEX Fire Alarm and Evacuation System innovates the Fire Protection Technology with its capabilities to detect fire and smoke and then direct evacuees towards safest location.
Responsive Fire
Detection System
HEX's addressable smoke and temperature sensors are capable of detecting early stages of a fire; HEX's Fire Alarm and Evacuation System will then immediately notify the Dynamic Evacuation Signage Lights to begin routing the safest egress route.
Dual Monitor and
User-Friendly Panel
Dual monitors along with User-friendly interface allows building management staff to efficiently operate both fire alarm and dynamic evacuation systems.
Accessible and
Flexible Protocol
HEX's Dynamic Evacuation System can be accessibly integrated with other systems and customized to meet the customer's security needs.