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Public Transport
Public transports are center of city and interation of traffic path with a lot of people.
Since that, it's important to make an evacuation plan.
Taipei Main Station
HEX Dynamics Evacuation Panel: 10
HEX Dynamic Exit Lights: 1500
  1. Public transport are always built with a various transit options such as buses, subways, high speed rail. If fire accident happened, it would bring serious damages.
  2. With shopping malls and underground food courts, public transport is always with complex using. A various compartments and pile of inflammmable goods are potential hided in dangerous. Dynamic Evacuation System could instantly provide evacuation path, help crowd egress with no hesitation.
Exhibiton Area
Part of performance area cover with mutiple building, the whole evacuation area are widely.Egress plan must take into considering, and the specific area need a project management.
The cultural and Creative industries Park in Taichung
Dynamic Evacuation Panel: 7
Dynamic Evacuation Lights: 200
  1. Exhibiton including opening spaces and indivisual building. Exhibiton activities with a lot of people amount of eletronic equipment such combustible items.
  2. These areas with amount of people and narrow path for pedestrian. In addtion, exhibition staff all are unfamiliar with builing geometry. When the emergency has occured, people could exacuate under high prresure. It's easy to fall into accidents.
Shopping Mall
Most of storage product are easy to ignite in food court. During annual celebration holidays, crowd would come in and make egress plan more difficult.
4-story building (including parking lot and food court)
HEX Dynamics Evacuation Panel: 1
HEX Dynamic Exit Signs: 210
  1. Garments, bedding, and home appliances all are flammable objects. Shutters falling down when fire occurs, they change the egress route and make it to be a maze. Evacuees could be panick without proper guiding direction.
  2. Food courts are with a large number of stalls in closed areas, restaurant are usally used fire to cook. Sometimes it could be fire because careless with fire. In addtion, people could evacute difficulty when crowd in meal time.
Documents, furniture - full with combustibles.
Opened working space with complex compartments, evacuation would get more difficult on working time.
15-story building (including 2 stories of parking lot)
HEX Dynamics Evacuation Panel: 2
HEX Dynamic Exit Signs: 400
  1. Furniture and documents are full within offices, which are all flammable materials. Comupters and printers are high relese rate combustibles, they all could cause fire spread quickly.
  2. With large capacity stay in building on working time, it's hard to make evacuate plan because its wide range of building. People need to walk long distance to find the way out. Beside that, high-rise building could caused stack effect, rise up risk to survive.
Parking Lots
Parking lots are with high release rate and its closed spaces could cause high temperatures. Since darkness and bad visibility, egress route is hard to find out.
2 underground stories(with 400 parking spaces)
HEX Dynamics Evacuation Panel: 1
HEX Dynamic Exit Signs: 130
  1. A large number of cars and motorcycles in a parking lot increases the fire loading. Once fire occurs, it spreads easily with a high chance of explosions due to gasoline .
  2. Underground areas are in the darkness and closed area. Smoke and heat are hard to release, and they could spread on egress route.
Smart Buildings
With Intelligent Building Materials Approved, the top choice for smart buildings.
Aegean Sea 3rd Generation Smart Building- Hui Tai Construction Service
12-story building (24 households and 2 safety stairways)
HEX Dynamics Evacuation Panel: 1
HEX Dynamic Exit Signs: 24
  1. HEX's luxurious-type - M1 are deployed on two safety stairways in Aegean Sea. There's a 50% chance that people would walk into a wrong stairway. DES could calculate a correct path to do evacuation.
  2. HEX DES have approved by Intelligent Building Material certification. HEX Dynamics Evacuation Panel not only has structure map on every story, but integrates various fire panels.
Care Centers
Care centers are storaging amounts of flammable medical appliances and not easy to make a evacute plan because its complex path.
7 stories above ground, 1 story on underground (310 beds, mostly located at the area in around the elevators)
HEX Dynamics Evacuation Panel: 1
HEX Dynamic Exit Signs: 18
  1. In recent years, fire distaster occurs frequently. Because the shortage of healthcare professional, they can't take care of each patient in emergency. Therefore, patients can't evacuate in time, heavy disaster comes out.
  2. Due to the patients could be difficult to evacuate by themself, care center need complete fire equipment and a evacuation plan which can speed up to egress.
Equipment and instruments block crew's visibility, then it's difficult to straightly find a way to exit. Except for that, toxic substances within it and dangerous.
One-story factory (with main aisle)
HEX Dynamics Evacuation Panel: 1
HEX Dynamic Exit Signs: 18
  1. A large number of products and mechanical equipment place into a factory, and its height are high-rise and have large area inside. Once fire disaster occurs, it's easy to make fire spread speed quickly.
  2. Large amounts of flammable materials in factory, such as petrochemical industrial materials, kapok, fiber and strong oxidants. Those are possible to produce toxic substances whcih make people death.
Fitness Center
Fitness center with mutiple compartments and complex route to exit. Fitness equipment could be blocked on egress route, make decision more difficult.
2h fitness
7 storise
1 underground story
HEX Dynamic Evacuation System: 6
  1. Fitness center within closed rooms and less number of windows to ventilate
    smoke. Once fire occurs, smoke accumulate inside and not easy to ventilate.
  2. Mean of egress and lobby with pile of fitness equipment, heat release rate is
    pretty high and people could be hard to find exit. With HEX system, people
    can evacute without hesitation.
Educational Institution
Using a lot of eletronic devices which could be caused fire.
Class rooms with extensive area, it's hard to manage people's egress time.
National Taipei University of Technology
6 stories
HEX Dynamics Evacuation Panel: 1
HEX Dynamic Exit Lights: 18
  1. Class rooms with a number of eletronic equipment and pile of desks and books such combustibles.
  2. Complicated people access school, such as students, teaching and administration staff, is hard to manage the number of occupation. Eduacation building also has complex routes to exit, it's hard to make an evacuation plan.