HEX Dynamic
Evacuation Signage Lights
Constant Surveillance
24 Hour non-stop monitoring of
equipment status and fire protection device.
Guaranteed security and safety for all facilities.
Boundless Spaces
HEX offers single and double-sided, B and C Sized Dynamic Evacuation Signage Lights. Our Dynamic Signage Lights are suitable for all types of facilities such as government buildings, train stations, shopping malls, parking lots, high-rises, and many more. HEX is dedicated in providing the best services and solutions for all our valued clients.
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Easy Installation
HEX’s Dynamic Evacuation Signage Lights are easily maintained and installed. With the use of a wireless module called LoRa, HEX is able to minimize installation cost of any building by using wireless signals to transmit information from our dynamic evacuation panel to our dynamic signage lights. Our Dynamic signage lights can be suspended or hung.
Methodical & Systematic
Each Dynamic Signage Light be effortlessly distinguished and identified from our Dynamic Evacuation Panel without any constraints.
LED Guidance
The matte black appearance and radiant, green, LED Lights built in HEX’s Dynamic Evacuation Signage Lights allures the attention of evacuees and raises their awareness by steering them towards the safest exit.
Aesthetic Design
The boutique metallic frame combined with the matte silk surface can be customized to compliment the surrounding environment with a modern, chic, design.
洗練陽極工法 大膽玩色
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