Luxurious type of DES (M1)
Disruption of traditional way, Intelligence and beauty of fire equipment
Intelligent Building Materials Certification
With innovation and upgrades in smart technologies, you are guaranteed a much safer building. Not only protect your life, but also as your intelligent buddie.
About Smart Buildings
Wireless deployment
adapts to condition
DES deploy with LoRa wireless transmission technology, has no complex deploy steps and consumption. Low power consumption and cost, but high penetrating force. No matter new or existed building. Suitable on all condition, easily deploy way. Full around on each corner, provide safety life.
Exquisite Design
Elegant classic colors of gold, silver and titanium black with an exquisite silky metallic texture. This specific design has been recognized by iF Design Award, and intelligently promote the artist design sense.
Receiving Award
Intuitive and Clear Interface
10.1-inches LCD screen displays information clearly and comprehensively. Instinctive and simple UI handling design. Marquee function can be used to provide public announcements.
Handle in time, all in one
A device on the pulse of daily life, allowing you to be fully aware at all times of anti-disaster details.
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