HEX Dynamic Evacuation Panel
Fire Protection in 21st Century
Proactive Safety Protection
Starting from the perspective of smart fire protection, HEX Panel can receive the information integrated from the fire panel of various brands. Once the danger occurs, it analyzes the danger level in the field and works out the safest evacuation route. Finally, it sends out a signal to remotely control HEX Dynamic Exit Signs during the guiding process.
Connection and Protection
Through the connection with the fire panel, it automatically monitors whether the field detectors and HEX Signs devices work normally. Moreover, it saves the records in HEX Panel. It is ready for unexpected conditions anytime.
CVR in Fire
HEX Panel can connect with the internet. It can save or report the real-time condition during a fire, predict the spreading direction and provide the info for the related institutions. It facilitates disaster recovery and liability clarification, which is similar to the black box in airplanes (CVR).
Total Control with a Touch of Finger
The simple user interface combined with the 21.5-inch touch screen allows easy and intuitive operations, from which you can know the floor layout and smart life info in the environment.
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